The Day of Unification of Ukraine

The Day of Unification of Ukraine is the Ukrainian national holiday, which is celebrated annually on January 22. On this day in 1919, rejoined the Western Ukrainian People's Republic and the Ukrainian People's Republic.

In 2011, the president signed a decree according to which the Day of Unification canceled at the official level and found instead a holiday Day of Unification and Freedom.

Every year on January 22 the streets of the Ukrainian capital and other cities in the country are filled with people celebrating this great holiday. This day is traditionally formed the so-called human chains that serve as a symbol of unification of Ukrainian lands. Solemn traditional events are held in a railroad car outside Fastow, who is the "Museum on Wheels" (installed in 2001). It was in this car December 1, 1918 the signing of the preliminary agreement, which regulates union ZUNR and UNR.

The first twenty years of the solemn celebration of catholicity was held January 22, 1939 in the Carpathian Ukraine, namely in Hust, which at the time was part of the Czechoslovak Republic. That day will be a good opportunity to remind people of the Carpathian Ukraine to the will, which was to declare the memorable Congress of 1919 the Popular Assembly of the Ukrainian association of two Ukrainian lands into a single state with the center in Kiev.

Human chain formed by the people January 21, 1990 between Kyiv and Lviv came to symbolize the spiritual unity of the people living in the eastern and western regions of Ukraine. Then the total number of Ukrainians who have formed a human chain, was equal to two million people.

The end of the 2000s was marked by the revival of the tradition of a "living chains", symbolizing integrity of Ukraine. Quite often such chains were organized on the bridge Paton, symbolically uniting the left and right banks of the Dnieper. In 2011, human chains were formed in more than twenty cities in Ukrain.
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