Beheading of John the Baptist

Beheading of John the Baptist

September 11 is holiday Beheading Prophet Forerunner and Baptist John, or, as they say, Golovosek.

This holiday is better known among the faithful, called "John Lean" because church established in the day-day fast, hence its common name.

In the Gospel of Mark, detailing the horrible martyrdom of John the Baptist - the precursor of Jesus Christ, who predicted the coming of Jesus.

King Herod, who lived in the time of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, the love of his brother Philip's wife, and married her. Herod feared John, for he saw in him a man righteous and holy, in many cases, it is to listen to him. John told him frankly that he had committed a shameful act, linking his life with his brother's wife. These accusations are not very popular with Herod. Such frank and courageous words and did not like Herodias, the former wife of Philip, who wanted to kill John. And then, finally, the opportunity was. On his birthday Herod invited many guests, they sang and danced. Especially captured the king dance of Salome, daughter of Herodias. Captured so that the pleasure which she gave him, he promised her anything she asks. The girl, talking to her mother, asked the king the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Herod did not refuse, and the head of John was brought.

On this day, adhere to strict fasting. You can not cut anything that resembles a head. It is generally considered that this day should not pick up sharp objects: knife, ax. That is all that reminds martyred saint.

There is a saying: "If you cut the head of cabbage in the day, the blood can flow." On Truncation can not have round fruits and vegetables: apples, cabbage, potatoes (which is shaped like the severed head of the Baptist), and red tomatoes, watermelons, because they resemble the blood of the saints. Consequently, there can not be anything on the plate - he was in the head of John the Baptist.

This day had been cooked soup, it was the only day when sin is borscht.

This day was forbidden to sing and dance. Because it is through song and dance made Herodias penalty Baptist.

On this day, everyone tried to go to church, and those who suffered from headaches, requested healing.

According to popular belief Golovoseka day is the last line, when there are thunderstorms. But if someone heard the thunder, it foreshadowed a long and warm autumn. Hence the saying, "thundered Golovosek - add a warm year."
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