The Day of Kirovohrad

The Day of Kirovograd

(In 2016, on September 17)

-city appeared in 1754, on the place of the fort in honor of St. Elizabeth - a masterpiece of fortification of those years - so its first name was Yelisavetgrad (and later Zinovievsk and Kirovo). However, the Russian Empire rapidly expanded their holdings, and the castle was abandoned.

Today the celebration of the City Day took place on the third Saturday of September. This is one of those cities, the festival which you should visit yourself, and not to listen to stories. Kirovohrad earned a reputation as a center of national choreography. The performances of its dance groups are always enchanting and unforgettable. Among them, the theater "Zoryane", folk dance ensemble "Yantar", a choreographic ensemble "Nadiya" and others. Many activities in the long-awaited holiday the citizens arrange near the monument of Guardian Angel, on one of the central streets Dvoretskaya, and in Kovalivski Park.

If you are interested in this beautiful city, be sure to check out more of its history and attractions.
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