The Day of Kherson

The Day of Kherson

(In 2016, on September 17)

City Day of Kherson is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September. The main entertainment of citizens and their guests is considered to be an international theater festival "Melpomena of Tavris". It is worth to visit! This event contains a great theater professionals and amateur groups, carnival performances and galas.

The 1778 is considered to be the birthday date of Kherson, when the fort was founded, and in the future became the shipyard of Russian Empire, which became the center of the New Russia. Kherson often styled as a cradle of Black Sea Fleet. There are several legends of origin of the name of the city, but the most likely considered being the version that its named by the Empress Catherine II who liked ancient Greek culture. Chersonese was built around the V century near the Crimean city Sevastopol, from where in the year 988 the Prince Vladimir brought to Kievan Rus a christening. It should be noted that from the Greek "hersonesos" means "peninsula", which certainly fits the contours of Kherson.

If you are interested in this beautiful city, be sure to check out more of its history and attractions.
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