The Nativity of the Virgin Mary or second-Pure

  The Nativity of the Virgin Mary or second-Pure

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the first pure, as they say), the Christian feast of the Orthodox Church is one of the twelve great Marian feasts, it begins with a one-year range of religious holidays, is celebrated on September 21.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was born at a time when people come to such limits of moral decline, at which their rebellion seemed no longer possible. The best minds of the time were aware and often openly say that God must come into the world to fix the faith and to prevent destruction of the human race. The Son of God willed to save people accept human nature, and Pure Virgin Mary, the only decent absorb and implement the Source of purity and holiness, He chooses himself Mother.

According to church tradition, which is based on the apocryphal Protevangelium Jacob, the Blessed Virgin Mary was born in the small town of Nazareth of Galilee, which was the Jews neglected. Her parents were Righteous Joachim and Anna. A man and woman had no children, as St. Anne was barren. Reaching old age, Joachim and Anna did not lose hope in God's mercy, firmly believing that all things are possible to God, and He can save Anna from infertility, even in her old age. Saints Joachim and Anna vowed to serve God to serve in the temple child, that the Lord will send them.

Joachim in one big celebration to the Jerusalem Temple gifts to God. But the priest did not want to accept the gifts of Joachim, because he was childless, and the children were considered to be God's blessing.

Meanwhile, his wife, the former home, also heard that the high priest in the temple refused to accept their gifts because of childlessness. She also learned that her husband, mourning, crying, went into the wilderness, and she began to cry. Anna went into the garden and sat under a laurel tree, sighed and looked up at the sky eyes full of tears, I noticed at the top, in a tree, nest, in which food is little chicks. "Even the birds have children, and we have no such comfort in old age," - thought Anna.

Suddenly, she was an angel of the Lord. He said: "You will conceive and bear a daughter, blessed, above all. Through her will be blessed of God, and all earthly nations. Through it will be given to all people salvation. Her name is Mary. "

At the same time, an angel appeared in the desert and Joachim. He said: "Joachim! God has heard your prayer, and he delighted to grant you his grace. Your wife Anna shall conceive, and bear a daughter to you, which will be a joy to the world. Here's a sign that I'm telling you the truth, go to the temple in Jerusalem, and there, at the Golden Gate, you'll find his wife Anna, which I said the same thing. "

Surprised Joachim, thanks God with all your heart, with joy quickly went to Jerusalem to the temple. There, as the angel said to him, he saw Anna, praying to God at the Golden Gate, and told her an angel. She also told her husband everything she saw and heard on the birth of his daughter. Prayed to the Lord and worship him in the temple, the couple returned home.

Nine months later, Anna's daughter, pure and blessed. Above all that was ever created, the beginning of our salvation, our intercessor before God. Her happy about Christmas night and day. On the occasion of her birthday Joachim God brought great gifts and sacrifices, received the blessing of the high priest, the priests and all the people for the fact that the blessings of God. Then he made his home in a great feast, and all rejoiced and praised God.

Holy Church rightly calls Bogoottsami Joachim and Anna, because of the Blessed Virgin Mary their daughter was born Jesus Christ.

Throughout Ukraine in the day of a new production conducted fire - old fire was quenched, and the new (live) extracted. Live fire is produced only by the friction of wood on wood or on dry vykreschivalsya flint chips. Today, perhaps, impossible to find flint.

Since this holiday is knitted day childbirth when women who have no children, cover, happened, dinner and invite the poor, - "Mother of God to pray for her children." These women hire service of God in the church, and after the service invite people over for dinner.

Before the Nativity hid the winter bee swarms, and a visit to the young families went to their parents and relatives. This celebration marked the end of summer field work and the start of the winter cycle.

Currently in Ukraine, of course, it rains, and therefore they say, "The second most pure rain pours!"
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