Day of Ukrainian Cossacks

Each year on 14 October the Ukrainians cebrate two important for the country holidays. The first is the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks according to the decree of the President of Ukraine of 1999, "given the historical significance and merits of the Cossacks in the statement of the Ukrainian state and its significant contribution to the process of building a modern state." Another holiday appeared in 2015 - the Day of the Defender of Ukraine. It is created to be a replacement of the Fatherland Defender's Day which is celebrated in the former Soviet Union on 23 February. According to the opinion of the government of Ukraine and according to variety opinion polls, the change in the Ukrainian calendar of holidays was relevant in connection with military actions on the territory of Ukraine, which has began in 2014, and because of the military aggression against Ukraine of the Russian Federation. However, for today the Day of Defender of Ukraine is rather the professional holiday since at the household level a considerable part of Ukrainians continue to celebrate February 23 as "Men's Day".

Despite the huge number of controversial issues Cossacks , one should not underestimate its role in shaping a country such as Ukraine. That it was the perfect consolidating factor that united the people around one idea - to achieve independence and to build their own state.

As a purely national, Ukrainian phenomenon Cossacks appeared in the 14th century. From the beginning, it consisted solely of free people, who dedicated his life to defend the homeland from enemies.

The main characteristic of Zaporizhzhya Sich include, first of all, democracy. This is ahead of Europe for centuries. At a time when the whole of Europe adopted a sharp division of society into classes and social strata in the Zaporizhzhya Sich all were considered equal comrades, brothers with equal rights and responsibilities for all Cossacks. Here are two words that have attracted everyone: freedom and equality. Cossack freedom - this is not anarchy. This freedom creates obligations and consisted in the fact that those who carried out his responsibilities, he also had freedom. And equality was that at the camp there was no room for the servants or masters.

Since July 2002, our country has a Ukrainian Registered Cossacks - organization, which considers itself the successor and the traditions of the Cossacks of Ukraine. It brings together nearly 70,000 Cossacks. Activities of the Ukrainian Registered Cossacks: scientific, educational, spiritual and ideological, economic, social, national and military. Of Cossack formations are: "Cossacks of Ukraine" (2001), "The Ukrainian Cossacks" (1991), "Union of Cossack organizations of Ukraine" (1999), "United Cossacks of Ukraine" (2003) and others.
Since 1991, regularly organizes horse trips, trips to the seagulls, festivals, tournaments and national martial arts martial arts. In 2001, the federation was established Ukrainian Cossack fight and the International Federation of combat hopak.
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