Feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God

Feast of the Protecting Veil  of the Mother of God

The beginning of winter in the Ukrainian village was considered a holiday Protection - Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated the Orthodox Church on October 14, new style. This is the main autumn festival, whose history dates back to the year 910, when in one of the churches of Jerusalem during the service whacky Andrew and his disciple Epiphanius seen hovering in the air, the Mother of God, which is spread out over praying his wide white veil - covering.

... On Sunday, during the vigil, when the temple was crowded with worshipers, St Andrew, for Christ's Fool, at four o'clock in the night, raising his eyes to heaven, he saw walking in the air Blessed Lady Theotokos, illumined by the light of heaven, surrounded by angels and a host of saints. Holy Lord John the Baptist and St. John the Theologian accompanied the Queen of Heaven.

On bended knee, the Blessed Virgin began with tears to pray for Christians and for a long time in prayer. Then she came to the throne, continued his prayer, finishing that, she took off with his head covered and spread it over the prayers in the temple people, protecting them from enemies visible and invisible. Blessed Lady shone with heavenly glory, and cover in the hands of its shine "more than the rays of the sun."

St Andrew with awe beheld a wondrous vision, and asked who was standing next to his disciple, the blessed Epiphanius: "You see, brother, the Queen and Lady, praying for the world?". Epiphanius replied: "I see, Holy Father, and horrified."

Most Blessed Virgin Mary asked the Lord Jesus Christ to the prayers of all the people who call upon Him Most Holy Name and resorting to her intercession.

Saints Andrew and Epiphanius, honoring contemplate praying Virgin, "for a long time looking at the people sprawled on the blanket and shineth like lightning glory of the Lord, until the Mother of God was there, and apparently it was covered, for the same departure it to do and it's invisible, but taking it with him, she left Grace, who were there. "

Wondrous phenomenon Virgin covering Christians encouraged and comforted Greeks, gathered his last strength, they defeated the Saracens.

In Vlaherna church preserved the memory of the appearance of the Virgin. In the XIV century Russian pilgrim clerk Alexander saw in church praying for peace icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, written as her beheld St. Andrew. But the Greek Church does not know of this holiday.

Another day in pagan times, which now accounts for the Protection of the holiday, was associated with the cult of remembrance of ancestors and create new families, the celebration of the end of the agricultural cycle, when all the field work ended. In the Christian era began with a cover vechornytsi that lasted until Easter, and the wedding, which lasted until Filippovsky post (November 27). This was also a time of mass marriages. "Protection of the covering of grass leaves, ground - snow, water - ice, and girls - wedding crowns."

Carpathian Ukraine to return all Covers Cattle herds with meadows and ended last trip Chumakov. To all the family members were healthy, the senior mistress Veil took embroidered towel that was over the icon of the Virgin, and hang it over the door.

It is interesting that the people retained a belief that the Blessed Virgin has a guardian cover, which asked: "My friend Shroud, cover our house warm and the owner - good."

For the feast of the Protection of the Cossacks was the biggest holiday. On this day, there were elections for a new Cossack chieftain. Our knights believed that Saint Protection protects them, and the Most Holy Mother of God considered their protector and defender. To Zaporozhye Cossacks were at Church of the Holy Veil. Known researcher traditions of the Ukrainian people Oleksa Voropai wrote that after the destruction of the Zaporozhian Sich in 1775, Cossacks, who left the Danube for immigration took with them the image of the Holy Virgin.

Cossacks are so believed in the power of the Holy Virgin, and so sincerely and solemnly celebrated a holiday cover, which for centuries in Ukraine, he bought another and Cossack content and its second name - Cossack Veil. Recently, the feast of the Protection in Ukraine is celebrated also as the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Signs on the cover:

1. If the Shroud of wind blows from the east, the winter will be cold, and if the south - to the warm winter, when the north - winter will be cold and snowy, variable - a variable.

2. If the leaves of oak and birch Shroud fall clean (ie full) - to an easy year, but not clean - to severe winter.

3. What is the weather on the Shroud, this is winter.

4. If not storks flew to cover - on a warm winter.

5. To cover up to lunch - autumn afternoon - zimushka-winter.

6. If the cover is not snowing, then it will not be until January.

7. If the Shroud of snow fell, then Dmitriev Day (Nov. 8) will also be snow.
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