Holodomor Remembrance Day

(In 2015, on November 28)

Famine that gripped the years 1932-1933 in vast areas of the USSR, including the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, resulted in massive loss of life. This sad period in the life of the country is considered to be - "The great famine 32/33 years".

In 1931, the five territories of the Soviet Union: Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, Middle Urals and the Volga region due to drought were collected grain is less than that required for the needs of these areas. This event was a prelude to the famine in Ukraine as well as significantly reduced grain resources of the country of the Soviets. The Soviet leadership continued incompetent general policy of collectivization, and did not stop the export of grain harvest in 1931, thus further aggravated the situation - in 1932, there was an even more huge decline in production of grain and other food products, now in the "barn" of the country: Ukraine and the Kuban.

By the fall of 1932, the Soviet Union began to experience serious difficulties with some of the residents of the cities with food. But by the spring of 1933, difficulties with food spread all over the country. Famine coverage areas: West Siberia, the Middle Urals, the Volga region and the Central Black Earth Region. The most difficult situation in Ukraine, the Caucasus and Kazakhstan.

The peasants took up almost all the food supplies. Deprived of food, they could not make it to the next harvest. Although the leadership of the Communist Party of USSR is constantly making the request to Stalin plan to cut the bread and stop the surplus, the government is not made concessions and imposed the death penalty for stealing farm property and the law "of spikelets", which for each ear blown off the field relied year prison conclusion. To conduct prodrazverstok in rural Ukraine were sent 112 thousand party members, does not understand the problems of the village.

In early 1933, death from hunger, widespread scale, it is remarkable that the inclusion of dead people stopped in April 1933. But even with these "scanty" reports, the number of deaths from starvation in 4 months in 1933 amounted to - 2,420,100 people, as well as 2.5 thousand officially registered cases of cannibalism.

According to some data of Ukrainian historians, the number of Ukrainians died of starvation in 32/33 years of - 7.2 million people are estimated to Russian specialists in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in the period 2 million people died in the Kirghiz SSR and the Russian Federation - 2/2, 5 million. Hunger have been contained by the beginning of 1934.

The United Nations has recognized the famine 1932/33's tragedy of the Ukrainian people and other fraternal republics of the Soviet Union.

Decree of the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma of 31.10.2000, the "Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Holodomor" was called "Day of Remembrance of Holodomor and political repression," and the third President of Ukraine V. 21.05.07 Yushchenko issued a decree stating that these two names are separated in time. Thus, the "Holodomor Remembrance Day" is celebrated on the fourth Saturday the November, and the "Day of Memory of Political Repression" is observed every third Sunday of May.
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