Ascension into heaven of God Jesus Christ

Ascension into heaven of God Jesus Christ

(In 2018, on May 17)

Each year in late spring - early summer, the entire Orthodox world, including Ukraine, celebrates the Ascension into heaven of God Jesus Christ. Measured from the end of the celebration of Easter Ascension Day is celebrated on the 40th day, on Thursday, the sixth week after Easter.

According to a national tradition, it is a day of spring bloom and its transition to the summer season. Usually in the evening people kindle huge bonfires as a symbol to reveal in its full nature’s glory, and play around them. In this day, people also often were visiting their dead relatives - to enjoy their ascension to heaven.

According to the scriptures, all the important events taking place on the 40th day after the major achievements. For example, babies are brought into the temple of God on the 40th day, and it is believed that Jesus had to go to the temple of God as the Savior of men on the 40th day after his "second birth", the Resurrection.

The holiday is celebrated especially by believers, as it is the best capture the essence of faith: it is needed to end worthily own earth way to ascend to a new heavenly home, the home of eternal and blessed life.
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