The Day of Ukrainian Constitution

The Day of Ukrainian Constitution

June 28 in Ukraine a national holiday - the Day of the Constitution. On this day in 1996, of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new basic law of the country - the first Constitution of the independent Ukrainian state.

A Brief History. Attempts to adopt the Constitution in Ukraine have been taken from the first years of independence. In 1992-1993, President Leonid Kravchuk turned out the first bill of the Constitution, but it has not been adopted.

June 8, 1995 the Constitutional Treaty between the branches of government was signed, on the basis of which should be draft a constitution. In 1996, a special parliamentary commission headed by deputy Michael Sirota. June 27 started consideration of the proposed document in parliament.

Deputies worked on the project, while remaining in the session hall all the night of 27 to 28 June. Parliamentarians have taken into account the comments of the President of Ukraine, as well as support for all the controversial articles of the project - the state symbols of Ukraine, the Ukrainian language, the right of private property in Ukraine, after which the Basic Law was finally approved.

It is considered that the adoption of the Constitution has consolidated the legal basis for an independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and was a major step in ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to the further increase of the international authority of Ukraine in the world.

Under the Constitution, the date of adoption of the Basic Law - June 28 - is a public holiday and a day off - Constitution Day.

Ukrainian president is head of state and acts on its behalf. The President is the guarantor of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the observance of the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of man and citizen (st.102).
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