Day of Saint John the Baptist

Day of Saint John the Baptist

Day of Saint John the Baptist celebrated since ancient times. Tradition introduced by the first Christian communities. Only in a few centuries, around the IV century, this day has become a celebration of the entire Christian calendar as the feast of the "Sun of righteousness". After all, the day has appeared in Judaism. In those days people celebrated Day of the Baptist, a herald that announces the appearance of the Messiah. Those Jews called the prophet Elijah. Christianity says that John continued teaching of Elijah, to which his blessed Jesus himself.

According to the Holy Scriptures, John began to preach at age 30, and the power of his preaching was so strong that it’s almost immediately appeared followers. John chose for them a baptism as a visible symbol of repentance and spiritual renewal, and so it came to be call him the Baptist. Jesus received the baptism from him, which is particularly important for the faithful, because the first of Jesus’ disciples came to him from John.

Day of Saint John the Baptist is very important for Ukraine's Orthodox, as Jesus himself called John his predecessor, strongly expressed his respect to John and admired his spirit as the greatest of all on the earth. The Day is close to the holiday of the summer solstice, while the Christmas (birth of Jesus) is closer to winter solstice. The symbolism is in the words of John, "He must rise, and me to move away". According to the beliefs of people, the Baptist cures headaches, corruption, bleeding, ailments of cattle, and also protects from the wrath of superiors.
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