Feast of the Presentation of the Lord the whole Orthodox world celebrates on February 15 (February 2, Old Style). "Candlemas" in Old Slavonic meaning "meeting." This festival is dedicated to the meeting, which occurred on the fortieth day after Christmas . On this day, the baby Jesus was born Mary and Joseph in the Temple of Jerusalem, to bring offerings to God in the tradition  the time. The temple was righteous Elder Simeon, who many years ago of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek. And to question the words of the prophets, that Christ is not born of a woman, and a Virgin. For that which was the angel sent down to him punishment and said that he would not die until he sees the fulfillment of prophecy. According to legend, at the time of the meeting, Simeon was about 300 years old. When Simeon saw Mary in the church with the baby, he came and took Jesus in his arms and gave thanks to the Lord for this miracle that happened, and he can finally die in peace. This meeting was a witness and the prophetess Anna, the attendant at the Jerusalem temple. The words spoken by Simeon at the meeting, have become part of the service.
Presentation of the Lord - the holiday of the Orthodox Church, the final cycle of the Christmas holidays. It is celebrated in ancient times, but the VI century takes particular splendor.
Symbolically represents the purification feast of the Presentation of all impurity and meeting winter and spring. Our ancestors at the beginning of this holiday determine seeding, and the weather that day was tried, what would be the spring and summer. A lot of people take on the feast of the Purification, used to this day.
The main shrine is Candlemas holiday icon "Softener of Evil Hearts", which depicts the transfer of Mary Jesus in his arms, Simeon, and the righteous Joseph holds the sacrificial doves, and in the background - the prophetess Anna.
On the day of the Meeting decided to consecrate candles and prayers mention that Candlemas candle dispersed night's darkness and ignorance of our dush.Sretenskaya candle - a symbol of blessing and enlightenment of the soul. Candlemas Day - a celebration of not only meeting Simeon with the Christ, that he was waiting for all my life, but also a meeting of Christ with humanity, which is always open as a true joy.
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