Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is celebrated annually on December 6. It is noteworthy that in the state there are official holidays of all branches of the armed forces - air force, navy and ground units. But here it is December 6 is celebrated holiday that symbolizes the unity of all forces of Ukraine. This holiday was approved in 1993 and ever since then it has become one of the favorite among the population. By the way, it is no coincidence selected date 6 December - on this day in 1991, a law on the formation of the Armed Forces of the independent state of Ukraine.

During the celebration held many official events - congratulations President, laying wreaths and flowers at the monuments and memorials of military glory, meeting fellow soldiers, communication with children. In addition, in the last 10 years has become a tradition to hold a common prayer in the church for the souls of fallen soldiers and officers. On the same day, and conducted military award - the President personally presenting awards for loyalty to the Fatherland, for the courage and heroism.

That same day, a queue of children and adults in the Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a great opportunity to learn about the history of weapons, troops and military operations conducted by Ukraine. Such knowledge will be useful to all, because without history there can be no people. But in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, there are recent history - the army has successfully participated in UN peacekeeping operations, and has proven successful with the disciplinary side, and from the training. Yellow-blue flag in many hot spots in the world has become a symbol of peace, friendship and support.

Yes, in this day walking all - veterans and active military personnel and paratroopers and naval officers - this day brings all arms. In different cities and smaller regional centers are concerts, dance performances, fireworks and make fireworks show.

According to global research, Ukraine from all non-nuclear states has the most powerful and efficient army.
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