St. Andrew's Day

St. Andrew's Day

Andrew's Day falls on December 13. Andrew was the first of the apostles who followed Jesus Christ. He subsequently led to the Savior of his brother - St. Peter the Apostle. With his brother Andrew previously engaged in fishing. And went to St Andrew preaching holy words to the East, to the Dnieper. Ancient Christian legend says that the Apostle Andrew preached Christianity in the Constantinople, the Black Sea and in the vicinity of the capital - Kiev. Chronicle, dating from XIII century, contains the story about the founding of Kiev Andrew: "In these mountains shine God's grace, to be a great city ..."

The people still call this holiday Kalita. It is considered the bachelor holiday, because Andrew night guys allowed misbehave and do a variety of losses, and the girls on this night could learn his fate. For several days before, that is, December 7, the feast of the patron Catherine girls begin youth rites. Andrew feast is a logical extension of youth festivals, where boys and girls are looking for a mate for the future of marriage.

In the tradition of our ancestors, the young men and women gathered in a house in the evening of the 12th of December. Joking, telling interesting stories and played different games, and on the night of 12th to 13th December wondered.

Vechornytsi were once very common. They are young people more familiar and a couple choose. It was decided that each village and even a street was "his" house vechornytsi. Another interesting fact is that at the same vechornytsi brothers and sisters were not allowed to walk - was respect for elders: junior obey their older brothers or sisters. As soon as it got dark, the girls to the hostess, which must take place vechornytsi, who he had brought: cheese, butter, eggs, flour, fruit. The boys brought brandy and chocolates. Mistress of the daylight cooked stewed fruit and potatoes for dumplings. The girls come in advance to help the hostess to prepare dinner.

After the sun came the guys took their seats around the room and then the action begins. It all started with an interesting history, which retold the guys while some of the girls with the mistress covered banquet table. Amazing stories told senior boys by inserting between various jokes that young girls do not fall asleep, because I had a 12-Th am wait to conjure himself his dolyushku. On this evening, that the guys make, they do forgive, because there is a tradition that every guy Andrew "naughty."

The things guys do not come up to the girls to make a loss: thread scurry around the house the street, where a vechornytsi girls return home, put the stuffed animals. Remove the gate, leaving close to parents quickly found the morning, because the girls come home late and wake up late. Even the windows painted shut windows or paper - and it was the funniest thing. The house is dark, all asleep, because they think it is still night.

The girls were wondering:

1. Took the ring, a sprig of myrtle, the doll and paper flower (flowers were made the girls fall and winter long evenings of colored paper and adorned with icons and portraits of them in the room) - and every thing put under a separate bowl. Before the firstborn girl destiny guessed. All to worry about her, because they wanted to know, will soon be married, or even a year to go on the shelf. The girl who guessed destiny was not to see how the girls will lay a cymbal above things. As soon as they laid out, the girl was invited to select the "plate" to predict their fate. Each girl chose only one plate. Time of selection was very exciting, because each of them believed that she chooses to holiday Andrew, her and waits.

If a plate is a ring - is getting married soon, if a flower - even walk, if myrtle - soon her separation from dear is waiting, and when retrieve the doll, the betrayal of a loved one will be.

2. The girl took off his shoe and threw it away with his eyes closed. Throwing, was not allowed to move, because it will not come true. In what direction will drop toe boots, the groom will be there to look.

3. The girl ran into the yard, near the fence and became considered the stakes, saying: "Well done, old man." Las tpeg  necessarily examined. If the number of thin and flat, then the girl falls a young guy, and if the curve and thick, and then this guy will be, and if the count with a thick crust, the restriction will be rich, money, and with a beard. This is the most fun guessing. Girls at each other laughing and joking. They believed - they did not believe, but still a little worried, because everyone wanted to marry a young guy.

4. Boots took the girl away from the wall to the door and rearranged so said: well done, a widower, I'll go in the girls - and how it goes, then such a fate this girl would have.

5. From the wall of five girls each other ahead and who became at the threshold will be, that first married, and the girl behind it - the second will be to celebrate the wedding, the second - the third, etc.

6. On sheets of paper write the name of the children, then stirred them into a hat, and put a "guy to choose."

7. Girls came out one by one, into the yard, saying:

O Holy, good Andrew,
I just wait on thee!
I really want to know
Where the groom should look out for?

Thus spoke three times and waited for the dog barking. On which side of the dog room, then that will be her fiance.

8. The girls were sent to collect firewood. They took on knitting, came back and then they thought. If there was an even number, then to be a wedding.

Also believed that it is possible to mirror your destiny to find out. Confirmed that the mirror foretells the fate, but not every girl would guess, because you have to be brave, do not be afraid. This guessing she must be alone, that was not in the room empty. Need to sit in front of a mirror, and on the sides to light candles and say the following words:

I love you, mirror, ask
Who do I connect to their fate?
Connect with Ivan ask

After all, its in a heart burden. It is necessary to say three times. Then turn away from the mirror and his eyes closed again to say:

Saint Andrew, help
Betrothed my show!
I am wondering on your wreath,
I ask protection from the stars!

Give me, O God, marriage wait
I was married to Ivan.

Then immediately turn sharply and look in the mirror, but not terrified. After all, in the mirror can not be a person of Ivan and unfamiliar sir. If the first time does not work, then she repeated the same words three times, and if nothing, then repeat for the next year - because it meant that its fate is wandering somewhere else.

10. When the girls went to bed, we used to do to be able to dream of their future husband look: under the bed, put a bowl of water, and on top - a plate (as if laying across the river), and so to ask:

Oh give the same God,
the young me
To my true love had a dream.
And you, Saint Andrew
I ask as I can:
Saint Andrew, help
Today I will not leave!
Oh you, the bridge, not a clone,
And you, Vanya, I dreamed.
After crossing the river - fast water
And lead me to the marriage, the young.

Before falling asleep, repeated these words several times.

11. To know what kind of work will have boyfriend, girls went to the garden, digging the ground in handfuls recruited, brought into the room and carefully consider it. If you find a chip, the future husband is a carpenter, or if the iron nail - will smith, and if the glass - the glazier. And if the land is not pure, it would be a farmer. Find a thread or stem, the restriction would be a good family man, and when the pen will be pundit, if a stone, it will surely go to the goal, and if you find a piece of coal, it will be an unhappy marriage.

12. Still wondering this: she is gaining hemp seeds, out into the yard, and so says, sings:

About Saint Andrew,
Hepm sow ...
Good cut,
Because I want to get married ...

And as all scatter, then immediately collect seeds that are dispersed into the room and brought the count. If there is an even number of seeds, it will soon be the girl in the pair live.

13. Girl run out into the street, stopped the first counter and ask him for the name. It is believed that the name will be in a future husband.

14. And girls at Andrew on the windowsill are placed in water, or a sprig of cherry apple, or a sprig of lilac, or cherry. When bloom for Christmas, it would be this girl happy. Putting a twig in the water, saying:

Saint Andrew,
In thee hope:
Give to cherry blossom,
And my fate led to the threshold.

Girls really like to know is coca husband rich or poor. To take random piece of wood he was treated. If a piece of wood with knots, then the person will be rich, and if smooth - poor woo.

16. Also baked cakes - "balabushki." Every girl somehow signified korzhik to find out. Put them on a chair, and let in the dog's room. Whose korzhik  dog eats, the girl soon girlfriends marry.

In Ukraine existed many different predictions. We know only a little bit of rituals and ceremonies "Andrew vechornytsi" of our ancestors. However, until now, "St. Andrew vechornytsi" - is a fun and colorful action, jokes and laughter, which covers not only the youth, but also the older generation. This loss, jokes, pranks, mostly guys who are only allowed Andrew's night.
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