The Day of Lutsk

The Day of Lutsk

According to some hypotheses, Lutsk (Luchesk at the base) is over 1,000 years old (it is believed that it was founded by duleb tribe in VII century), but officially accepted to count a chronology of the first written mention of it - in 1085, when the city was already fortified and citizens withstood a six-month siege. Considered to be the city’s birthday of August 23, but the main event is taking place in the last week of the month. There is no consensus about the city’s name too: it is even possible that Lutsk has the Celtic origin and comes from the name of one of their gods, Lugh.

Lutsk often called a Technopark. At the same time it is known far beyond the country by conducted therein festivals and festivities. The main among them are the national fair and jousting tournaments held in the castle of Lubart, an ancient castle has not changed over the centuries. In addition, people comes out of the land around to the Day of Lutsk to listen to the "belling" performances that take place during the festival "Blagovest of Volyn", and admire the craftsmanship of blacksmiths and professionalism of florists. The castle is always a center of festivities, although many events and fairs held on the main pedestrian street of Lesia Ukrainka.

If you are interested in this beautiful city, be sure to check out more of its history and attractions.
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