The Day of Kharkiv

День города Харьков

Kharkiv is relatively young Ukrainian city, which in 2013 will celebrate its 360th anniversary. It was founded in 1653. Today Kharkiv is one of the first in Ukraine cities for the number of attractions (Kharkiv is a member of the League of Historical Cities) and by the number of possible versions of a city name – there more than 20 hypothesis! About half of them relate to the theory that the city is named after the river Kharkiv. The mostly of others apply to the Mongolian language. In particular, there is a version that Kharkiv is named for the Polovtsian Khan Harukan and translates literally as "the city of Khan Harukan". As the birthday of the city is decided August 23, it is a day of its liberation from the Nazi occupiers in 43 of the last century, but the official date approved in 1980.

If you are in Kharkov on a City Day go to a Svoboda Square (Square of Liberty). This is not just a place where many events related to the memorable date, but is the main attraction of the regional center. Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit Gorky Park and Artem Park where you can see the holiday concerts. It should also be noted that Kharkiv was one of the first Ukrainian cities by setting up light shows on the walls of houses.

If you are interested in this beautiful city, be sure to check out more of its history and attractions.
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