Palm Sunday

(In 2018, on April 1)

Palm Sunday - the popular name of one of the major festivals of Christians - Entry into Jerusalem. This celebration of the Orthodox calendar falls on the last Sunday of Lent.

The holiday is dedicated to the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem. People happily greeted Jesus with songs and flowers, as well as the stele under his feet, his ass clothes and palm branches - the plants, symbolizing purity and infallibility. Catholics are called this holiday - Palm Sunday. But a palm tree in our latitudes is not growing, so in the Orthodox tradition, it was replaced by willow - plant, which blooms after the first onset of winter and symbolizes the beginning of a new life. A festival called Palm Sunday.

Willow twigs to prepare better for the holiday in advance. It happens that the early Easter, and spring - cold, and then the willow does not have time to blossom before the holiday. In this case, for 4-5 days cut the branches and put them in water in the room. If the weather is favorable and bloom buds, twigs cut the day before.

Religious people on Palm Sunday morning to go to the church service, be sure to put a candle to symbolize the death and resurrection of Christ. After the service sanctifying Palm branches. These days, many people come to church only devote recruit, visiting service.

Sanctified branches are home. The first thing to slap this beam of children and other household members, saying, "Verba-whipping, beat to tears. I did not beat, willow beats! Be healthy, like water, strong as willow, as rich as the earth!" Why the willow as a symbol of strength and health? Yes, because it is one of the most tenacious plants. Observed that accepted and grow even those of its branches, which are stuck into the ground upside down.

A few sprigs of willow can be put into the water, and when they take root, planted near the house, but the other day. If twigs take root, is a plant grown will protect family home from adversity.

The rest of the beam should be kept for the images. Buds and twigs of willow svyachenoy people attributed magical and medicinal properties. Willow twigs thrown into the water for bathing small or ill children. Twigs also was applied to the sore spot. Before the beginning of the important things were instructed to eat one of Palm svyachenoy kidney and drink water. During a disaster, willow twig thrown into the street to misery spared the home side. But there is a warning - do not need to bother wasting willow, use these tools can be used only when necessary.

Remaining from last year's holiday twigs burned or thrown into the current (not standing!) Water.

It is believed that indoor plants, planted on Palm Sunday, grow well and bring to the house of wealth.

Hammered on that morning in the wall of a willow stick frees man from fear, making it bolder and more decisive.

If the Palm Sunday to remember a loved one, it is on this day will come.

Palm Sunday falls on Lent, so tumultuous festivities suit is not necessary, but that day, a harbinger of Easter should be bright and cheery.

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