The April Fool's Day

In Ukraine, this festival is very popular and the love of the people, because this nation has awarded more than one special sense of humor. Since then, did this holiday and why it is so popular in Ukraine? There are several theories about the creation of the Day of laughter. Some believe that this was introduced in ancient Rome, others think that in India. Well, the most likely and true version is that this joyous festival was created in France in the XVI century, when the New Year was moved from April 1 to January 1. The people had been waiting for their gifts from the king, but he did not. And call this day a day of deception, but after long festivities, people began to make fun of each other, to play, in the end the day turned into a real festival of fun and humor.

If we consider the laughter from a scientific point of view, it is worth noting that in the middle of the last century there was even naukagelotologiya, whose founder was an American NormanKazins. He was seriously ill, and no treatment does not help him. And when the doctors said that shortly vremeniKazinspokinet our world, he decided that the remainder of his days will, smiling. He watched comedy, joked, smiled, and suddenly his condition and health began to improve, after a while he calmed down the pain, he nachaldvigatsya, then went to work.

There is scientific consensus that most people on the planet breathe properly, which is why they have a health problem. A study was conducted and found the fact that laughter fixes these problems, it makes breathing more deeply, to gain more air into the lungs, thus improving the overall condition and health. Perhaps that is why people who live in Odessa - the healthiest in Ukraine. As we know, Odessa - the capital of humor in this country. April 1 People come here from all over Ukraine to take part in Humorina. On this day, there reigns fun, noise and jokes at every turn. Laugh to your health!
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