Annunciation Day

Annunciation Day

Annunciation Day, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a great feast of, the third-largest national-religious holiday after Easter and Christmas.

The angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Nazareth to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and said that the Lord chose him to be the Mother of God. An angel appeared to the house of the righteous Joseph, when Mary was reading the Scriptures, and said, "Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you! Blessed are you among women! ". The angel said that Mary will bear a son, and shall name him Jesus. Mary replied that she was a servant of the Lord, and let it be as God wills. From the moment of the Annunciation, the Son of God, God begins the first minutes of life on earth in the womb of the Virgin Mary maiden.

During the celebration of the April 7 (March 25, Old Style) has affected the Christmas holiday, comes nine months after the Annunciation. In this case, there was an old pious tradition that on April 7 (March 25, according to the old) took incarnation of the Son of God and His death on the cross.

Service at Annunciation full of solemn, grand and joyous hymns. Is repeated many times well-known to us hello angel, "Hail!" Main theme of the holy and heavenly joy - is embodied in the flesh of the Son of God, is the privilege of the divine Motherhood and innocence, is the salvation of the human race. In the joy of the Annunciation part sky, the earth and all beings.

Annunciation Day in Ukraine

In Ukraine the celebration came with the adoption of Christianity. The people has been called "the third meeting of the spring" (after the Meeting and the Forty Martyrs). It is believed that the spring of the day finally overcame the winter, God bless the land and opens it for planting. According to popular notions, after the Annunciation could begin field work. Earlier "disturb" the land was considered a great sin.

Ukrainian people especially honors the feast of the Annunciation and strictly prohibits any work on that day, in his opinion, even a bird on the Annunciation celebrates the nest does not. At the Annunciation, said, you just have to touch any seed, grain, that it immediately lost its strength and stair never fertilized. You cannot say, as to enclose the day and eggs under a hen, because shall become windbags, or hatch of them crippled.

For this holiday storks usually flew from warm and begin to build their nests. It was believed that the earth was opened on the Annunciation and out crawled a snake, snakes and other reptiles.

That day has long been the custom to release the will of the birds: "To sing at will, glorify God and asked for happiness, good luck to the person who produced them." The owner produces at will, in the sun, and all animals, even dogs and cats thrown out on the street - "to hear the spring and take care of themselves."

Beekeepers in the day put out the hives. In the church, this day is holy communion bread. Then beekeeper communion bread crumbles and poured it into the honey, "the bees swarming," the sower and mixes with the ground and spread to the four corners of the field - "rain cloud fields that did not pass"; prosphora buried in the earth, "to hail seeding is not broke." Annunciation prosphora as Epiphany and Sretenskaya water stored behind the images.

It was believed that if the Annunciation, going to fetch water, she finds a flower primrose, this summer she will marry. Snowdrop, that they will find on the Annunciation, foreshadows happiness. If the wash water, which is placed snowdrop - will be beautiful. And the girls, meeting swallow, take a handful of earth and carry on the city to sow - the place always comes up dill.

Various superstitious beliefs, divination, magic acts tally with this basic idea of awakening earth and hidden in her life, which the Ukrainian people tied to the Feast of the Annunciation.

Associated with the Annunciation and another legend: the day Stork must carry at least one egg. However, for animals and birds feast did not bring much joy. The hosts tried to not take eggs from the chicken nests, because if you touch them by hand, it is alleged, will hatch chicks with two heads. Moreover, if a cow or a sheep brought litter on the Annunciation, some farmers immediately cut it, "for the good of them not to wait."

The great sin is to hold fire on the Annunciation. This custom is fixed on the territory of Ukraine. But in Polissya were convinced that if buried in the late sowing wafer, it is inevitable in the city of grain.

Many customs associated with the Annunciation existed in Transcarpathia. Girls tried to dawn untwist hair, walk around the house, and three times in the home sweep the floor. Debris with a broom attributed to the river, where typing in a bucket of water, put it in a place where to plant cabbages, because then it would not be slugs. By the way, in this day Slobozhanschyna always tried to plant cabbage seedlings.

Some rituals are also related to pets. The cows were given a lot of milk in the evening, on the eve of the Annunciation, the bucket and pail filled with water, trying to protect yourself from witches, poppy seed-sowing self-seeding crib, burned old sandals or hats, and the ashes were given the animals that are difficult to get used to the pastures. Also, in this day trying not to let strangers into their homes of women and girls, "to bring no evil."

Proverbs related to this festival, said: "At the Annunciation winter spring finally broke" or "blessed winter breaks," and therefore closely monitor the weather.

• What is the weather on the Annunciation, this and Easter.

• If the Annunciation is very warm, it will be cold at Easter.

• If the evening star, the freaks hemp.

• If April 7 is still snow on the roof, then to 1, and on May 6, he will be in the field.

• When the sun rises in the Annunciation of the clear sky, the early spring, when at noon - mean, if it is clear in the evening - late.

• When the sun shines on April 7 before lunch and then hiding behind the clouds, corn is an early, if, on the contrary looks out from behind the clouds just after lunch, the corn will be late. If on that day there will be rain, bad weather, the corn is not a freak.

• The night before the Annunciation. If it is warm, the spring will be friendly, if a wet towel to dry overnight in the yard - the year will be fruitful, when half dry - the average yield, and if left wet or frozen - will be a wet summer.

• Good weather - a good harvest.

• Misty Morning - floods on the rivers.

• If there is snow on the Annunciation - Summer barren.

• What is this day - and this is the end of the month.

• Annunciation without swallows - cold spring.

• If there are frogs and disappear, so will still be cold.

• Annunciation without swallows - cold spring.

• The Annunciation any bastards climbs from nests.

• The Annunciation winter does not swear, and do not hide the sled.

• The Annunciation stork arrives and the bear stood up.

• The Annunciation bird nest is not Vietnamese.

• Before the Annunciation stone spring.
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