Feast of the Last Bell

Feast of the Last Bell

(In 2018, on May 25 in the most of schools)

Feast of the Last Bell is usually held the last Saturday in May, when the students' school year ends. An exception in Ukraine began year 2012, when education for students of the 9th and 11th classes completed almost a month earlier - May 3 and May 11 - and also too early the final examines started. The reason was that Ukraine held Euro-2012 (XIV European Football Championship).

At the celebration of the last call are present director of the scholl, head teachers and teachers, as well as all students. On this day, sounds greeting the end of the school year from the director and head teachers, and farewell speech - for those who leave school to get a ticket to adulthood.

According to tradition, after solemn speeches sounds the same "last call". The first grader rings a bell, sitting on the shoulder of a graduate who carries him by lining up of scholars and alumni, and thus announces the school year is over. Then often launch balloons and the children dance the school waltz.

As fate would not scattered us in our life, whatever we may be doing in life, we all remember our last bell and classmates, who stood next to us. We remember the prom and how do we met the dawn. This day is a turning point in our lives, a day of joy and light sadness - the "last call" of our childhood.
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