Mother's Day

Mother's Day

(In 2018, on May 13)

Ukrainian emigrants started to celebrate Mother's Day in Canada in 1928. This holiday Adopted ethnic Ukrainian women in Galichina in a year. The official date for this Day has set recently, only in 1999 by the Decree of the third President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. Now it is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.

Honoring Mothers in Ukraine is an ancient tradition, rooted in the Slavic era. After the arrival of Christianity, the worship to the keeper of the family and the genus has only grown, as all the thanks and respect to mothers Slavs began to show through the worship of the Mother of God. Today she is considered a defender of all Ukrainians.

Mother's Day is important for each of us, because mother is our protector, who understands and forgives us, ready to love us no matter what. We all bear the image of mother. She is always with usin happy days and in days of mourning. The beauty of motherhood and the happiness it brings is chanted by poets and artists of all time. After all, first of all it is the woman laying in the children their cultural level.

Since the celebration of Mother's Day in this country began with Galicia, to this day the largest and most spectacular celebrations take place in the Western Ukraine. Also in Ukraine we are increasingly see custom peculiar to Americans. On this day, they attach to their clothes a flower of carnation. The multi-colored carnation means that the mother of the man is alive, and white carnation worn as a symbol of she is gone.

Love your mothers, help them, remember them - no one will do more for you than them, and no one will be with you as sincerely as they are. Happy holiday, dear mothers!
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