The ancient Ukrainian literature

The ancient Ukrainian literature The Christianity, has made the big impact on the development of Kievan Russia spiritual life. With its introduction the Church Slavonic language created approximately 100 years before the Christianity acceptance by the Bulgarian educators Cyril and Methodius  became the literary language in Russia. Together with it the education on the Balkans and Moravia also extended.

Literarure of 17-18 century

  Literarure of 17-18 century In the end of XVIII century harlequin-travesty poem of Ivan Kotlyarevsky «Eneida» signalized the occurrence of the newest literary Ukrainian language and the beginning of modern Ukrainian literature.

Literature of 19 century

Literature of 19 century Culture development in Ukraine became extremely complicated because of the language policy, which was carried out by the governments of Poland and Russia. Ukrainian literature first of all confirmed and extended prestige of the Ukrainian language, and belief in its big possibilities. Publications of "Aeneida" by Kotlyarevsky in 1798 were the beginning of the new era in the Ukrainian literature.

Soviet period

Soviet period The relative prosperity of Ukrainian historical science, culture, the literature and the fine arts is connected with the years of war 1941 - 1945. «For many years for the first time - wrote M.Rylsky, - the Ukrainian scientists and writers gained the right to express aloud about the national spirit of Ukrainian people».

Mykolai Khvyliovyi: the romantic security officer

Mykolai Khvyliovyi: the romantic security officer We can safely assume Mykolai Khvylyovyi (the real name is Fitilev), who was the founder of the genre of Ukrainian pro-revolutionary prose, one of the brightest talents of Ukrainian literature of the XX century.

Pavlo Tychina: the voice of the system, which destroyed his personality

Pavlo Tychina: the voice of the system, which destroyed his personality The writer Pavlo Grigorievich Tychina is one of the most exciting national writers of the last century, a poet and a polyglot. It often occurs that Pavlo Tychina knew 14 languages, but in the library of the Kyiv Museum named after the writer kept about 20,000 books, written or having in 20 languages. He is one of the few who have avoided the fate of fellow creative people - "Executed Renaissance", the color of Ukrainian intellectuals.

The modern Ukrainian literature

The modern Ukrainian literature

Declaration of independence of Ukraine (on August, 24th 1991) and reorganisation of independent state created essentially new, quite favorable conditions for culture development. On February, 19th 1992 the Supreme Rada of Ukraine accepted "The bases of culture legislation" which provides the measures of further development of Ukrainian national culture.

Lubomir Deresh: the face of modern literature

Lubomir Deresh: the face of modern literature The modern Ukrainian literature provided a whole galaxy of interesting writers working in various literary genres. Among them, one of the brightest stars is Lyubomyr Deresh, the 29-year-old (in 2013) novelist and essayist.

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