Ingredients dishes - banosh:

• Sour cream of sheep's milk - 900 ml
• Corn flour - 250 g
• Bacon
• Salt, sugar
• Mushrooms
• Onions
• Salted cheese

How to cook banosh:

Banosh or banush is one of the most famous representatives of Hutsul cuisine. With its special flavor, you cannot find even the smallest restaurant in Transcarpathia without this dish. In Rakhiv region of Transcarpathia this dish is dedicated to a festival. Interestingly, according to Hutsul traditions, all the dishes associated with sheep are prepared only by men. They prepare banosh only on an open fire that he could "to impregnate with smoke and to fill with fire". The secret lies in its food preparation and ingredients. Hutsuls prepare banosh on a 3-day cream or sour cream, and store it in the shed, as in the refrigerator it is "spoiling". It is interesting that Hutsuls mix the porridge with a wooden spoon in one direction only.

The porridge cooking is very simple. Instead of corn flour, you can use minor corn grits, and if there are no sour cream of sheep's milk, you can use the cream. Spread the sour cream in a small amount of warm water and pour the mixture into a cast-iron pot. Wait until the cream comes to a boil, then add the flour and stir until the mixture becomes thick. Make a smaller fire and begin to rub the mixture until drops of oil will not perform at the surface. When the porridge is ready, it will be easy to separate it of the pot walls.

Prepare the filling by banosh. It may be different, for example, you can cook cracklings: cut into small pieces and fry the bacon in a pan or casserole. Fry chopped semirings onions and mushrooms. Laid banosh without mixing on a plate, layer by layer: sheep’s milk cheese is on top of banosh; then you put cracklings; the last layer is mushrooms.

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