Poltava’s dumplings

Ingredients dishes – Poltava’s dumplings:

• Flour - 5 tbsp.
• Salt - 1 tsp.
• Soda - 1 tbsp.
• Sugar - 1 tbsp.
• Eggs - 1 pc.
• Kefir (whey, buttermilk or sour milk) - 0.5 L
• Filling - Any

How to cook Poltava’s dumplings:

Unique Poltava dumplings does not stuffing. The secret is in dough that literally melts in your mouth. Dumplings are soft, almost fluffy. All this is achieved through the dough and by way of its heat treatment – on a steam.

To begin, mix the egg and sugar. Next, mix the flour with salt and soda. Take a deep hole in the flour and pour it first with a thin stream kefir, and then the egg. Begin kneading the dough. When you knead it well, cover with a towel and allow to stand for about an hour.

When you mold a dumpling with desired stuffing (it’s can be mashed potatoes, cherry, chopped meat, stewed cabbage, strawberries, cheese, berries, etc.), start processing them on a steam. To do this, keep close to the source of steam dumplings on one side, and after 3 minutes turn them over another for another 3 minutes. When serving dumplings cooked, grease them with butter or sour cream, or they will stick. If there are no dumplings with fruit or sweet filling, you can use the traditional Ukrainian grease: diced onion, fried in lard, cut into small pieces. If desired, you can add the dumplings right in fried onion.

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