Phone codes of Ukraine

Telephone numbering plans, or more commonly known as codes, serve to make calls within the whole world. The phone number consists of three parts: the phone number proceeded by the code which comes immediately after the country code. When you do a link call only phone number is mainly used, but to call in a neighboring village you should know its code. The last decade the International Telecommunication Union is lobbying the idea of a unified standard for the world, but it's a long process and a number of countries still using their own standards - the United States and Canada use the North American Numbering Plan, and Russia still uses calls "a figure eight".

Thus, the codes are fixed length in Australia (one figure), USA (three figures), and several other countries. In countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany, etc. the length can vary. In Ukraine and Austria it can be 2-5 figures; in Japan the code can consist of 1-3 figures. Some codes are inserted directly into the recipient's number (the so-called closed numbering plan). Examples of countries with closed numbering plans are Norway, Switzerland and South Africa. The advantages of closed numbering plan are in the convenience of dialing and in short local phone numbers. In addition, it is convenient for international connections: any national number is easily converting into the international format, eliminating confusions with short numbers.

Codes of Ukraine regions may consist of 3-5 digits. So, if you see the code +38-048 (Odessa), to be followed by phone number of 7 digits. If the code is 0482, the number consists of 6 digits. If you want call to Illichevsk (Odessa region), the code is further lengthened: 04868. In these examples 2 and 68 are area codes in which there is no need for a 7-digit phone numbers. Ukraine is a user of open numbering plan, which means that for long-distance calls you must first dial 0, wait for a response readiness station (the dial tone), and only then you got to enter telephone area code and phone number. International Codes of Ukraine starting with 380 - it is the country code. In this section you will find phone codes of cities of Ukraine and maps of each region.

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