FC "Dynamo" Kyiv - 13-time champion of the USSR

Legendary football club "Dynamo" Kyiv was founded in 1927. Sports history of the most titled club of Soviet Union began a year later with the official match against "Dynamo" Odessa, which ended in a draw 2:2. It is interesting that "Dynamo" Kyiv was the first non-Moscow team to win the championship of the USSR.

The first team included not only the players from the different teams, but even the KGB personnel, the so-called “chekists” (security forces who fought against the counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs). Shortly after the game Odessa vs. Kyiv the team played a friendly match against the "Dynamo" Moscow. The bill was a pejorative - 6:2 in favor of the Muscovites. But the team was not broken, and in just a month and a half "Dynamo" Kyiv won 1-0 the best team in Kyiv "Zheldor" (now "Locomotive" Kyiv). The first international match was held in 1929 in Lower Austria against FC “Deutsch-Wagram”. Kiyani lost 3:4. Kyiv’s team began to shine in 1935 - the players in the national team of Ukraine held a friendly match in France against the 4-time winner of the French Cup the FC “Red Star Football Club 93” (better known as the "Red Star") winning 6-1. In those years, a single championship of the USSR has not been undertaken and citizens were forced to play against other clubs in the society "Dynamo". The only club that Kyiv could not beat remained the Moscow’s “Dynamo”. In 1936, it was decided to combine small club championships in one big championship – the championship of the USSR national football teams. The debut of the strongest Ukrainian team was not the best way - on their home field, they lost 5:1 to Muscovites. Thus, the first goal in the national championship in football for the Ukrainians was by Nicholas Makhinya. Despite the defeat, "Dynamo" Kyiv took second place at the All-Union competition.

Championship in two rounds was held in 1937, whereas the people of Kyiv took third place, behind the Moscow team "Dynamo" and "Spartak". During the Second World War, the people of Kyiv did not show any significant results - there was no time. Occupied in the 41st year Kyiv does not have any chance of full training. In order not to be accused of sabotaging the successors of the KGB (the NKVD), the players were forced to work the chefs, builders, railroad builders, policemen. Many players from "Dynamo" Kyiv and "Locomotive", as well as other well-known athletes have to work on Bakery #1, were it was organized by the "Start" team. Naturally, the results like 6:2, 6:0, and 11:0 was habit for “Start” because they played against amateurs. Among the contenders were Romanian soldiers, a team of German railroad, Hungarian soldiers. The second match against the German anti-aircraft gunners “Flakelf”, when the Germans demanded a rematch and lost a second time, became a legendary "Game of death" (1942). Soviet propaganda was saying that according to results of this game the players were shot. In fact, exiles to concentration camps and executions were later. Affected to exiles were not only the athletes and the German team loosing was not a reason. Nonetheless, it was after another victory over “Flakelf” when shtadtkomissar of Kyiv named Rogaush banned matches between the people of Kyiv and the Germans. The first player who died was an officer of the NKVD, and the rest were transferred to the concentration camp Syretsky.

When the war ended, "Dynamo" could not resist other clubs that have been evacuated. Former players have become the veterans, and many were killed or deported to the camps. Those who came in the "Dynamo" (the people from western Ukraine) did not make the situation better. In 1945, the "Dynamo" Kyiv was the second lowest of the USSR championship, and in the 46th - the latter. It was considered to not decrease the team in class because of the military casualties. From 46 to 51 years, the club changed 10 coaches, and only the last one, Oleg Oshenkyo, in 1951, was able to help his wards to show good results. Young players due to enhanced training, from an outsider again made it a favorite. As a result - second place in the championship. In 1954 it was the first major victory: the team won the USSR Cup. In 1961, there was another resounding victory - the first place in the national championship. Of the 30 matches it has been lost only three, and nine were played in a draw. This season has gone down in history of Soviet sport: the first winners of the All-Union Championship were not Muscovites. Kyiv "Dynamo" was strong as ever: 54 goals scored, and in 12 matches line of defense has not missed a single striker of the opposing team to their goalkeeper.

Triumph was replaced by the fall. In 62nd and 63rd years “Dynamo” has brought the fifth and seventh places respectively, but in 1964 "Dynamo" Kyiv won the USSR Cup again. With this victory, the Kyiv football club became the first Soviet team that took part in the club tournament in Europe – the draw of the Cup Winners' Cup in 1965.

From 1967 to 1973, "Dynamo" Kyiv showed different results. There were high-profile victories (when the season ended ahead of nearest rival by 7 points), and there were defeats (when the team took 7th place in the overall standings). From 1974 to 1991, there was the former coach of the football club, one of the 50 best coaches in football world Valery Lobanovsky. That's when Lobanovsky’s "Dynamo" has become a legend, pushing Moscow clubs to the second positions in football of USSR. Apart from the fact that when Lobanovsky’s "Dynamo" Kyiv has repeatedly won the national cup and became its champion, the club twice won the European Cup Winners' Cup (1975 and 1986) and also won the European Super Cup in 1975. It is noteworthy that at the World Cup in 1986 the Soviet national team consisted almost entirely of players of "Dynamo" Kyiv. After taking 1st place in class, yet lost in the 1/8 finals to the Belgian team with a score 3:4. It was one of the most intense matches of the championship, according to the results an Odessit Igor Belanov, who scored all three goals, was named the best player in Europe-86 and received the "Golden Ball". At the European Championship-88 "Dynamo" took second place, losing to Netherlands, who beat people of Kiev in their subgroup. In the late 80's began a marked decline - because of Perestroika many athletes have to leave their clubs and the Soviet Union to play in the European FCs.

The first championship was held in Ukraine in 1992. It was the victory in the subgroup, but the underestimation of the enemy said its word: in the finals of "Dynamo" has given way to Simferopol “Tavria". Prior to 1997, was the coach of Kyiv’s team Anatoly Puzach. For the next five years he was replaced by Lobanovsky. He obtained the club "in disrepair". Because of a corruption scandal "Dynamo" Kyiv was barred from European competition. But the legendary coach helped the club to regain Ukrainian crown and to return it to the European championship. Victory after victory, in 1999, "Dynamo" was published in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Club lost to "Bavaria" 3:4, although Ukrainian players defeated the FCs "Arsenal", "Lance", "Panathinaikos", and "Real" Madrid. Alas, in 2002, Valery Lobanovsky died of a stroke.

Since 2002, the coaching staff has been changed several times. Being a strong team, "Dynamo" still yielded a number of positions and did not even reach the level of the late 90's. "Dynamo" Kiev no longer shows serious resistance to European clubs, however, in the Championship and the Cup of Ukraine “Dynamo” Kyiv confidently takes one of first three places.

In figures "Dynamo" Kyiv looks today as follows:
- Twice champion of the USSR;
- Got six cups of the Ukrainian SSR;
- 13-times champion of the USSR, the 11-times silver medalist, 3-times bronze;
- Finalist of the Cup of the USSR and its 9-times winner;
- 13-times champion of Ukraine, 8-times silver medalist. The only bronze won in 2013;
- Three times finalist of the Cup of Ukraine and its 9-times winner;
- 5-times winner of the Super Cup of Ukraine;
- Winner of two League Cups (1975 and 1986);
- Finalist of the UEFA Super Cup (1986) and its holder (1975);
- The players of "Dynamo" Kyiv 12 times had a "Golden Ball", striker Andriy Shevchenko was four times voted the best player in Europe. Oleg Blokhin has twice been voted the best player in Europe and three times the best player in the USSR.
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