The science of Kievan-Russia period

The science of Kievan-Russia period In the days of Kievan-Russian the integrated philological discipline - literature which combined dialectics, poetics and rhetoric started to be studied. According to the academician I.R.Mazurkevich and modern researcher V.V. Olifrienko it was the beginning of Ukrainian literature methodology. The Greek language was the basis of the higher science at that time in our territory, on the western Ukrainian lands the Latin and German languages were also studied. Kyiv metropolitan Kliment Smolyatich (1147-54), the talented writer and philosopher wrote, that in XII century in Ukraine there were 300-400 scientists who could speak Greek.

Science in Cossack epoch

 Science in Cossack epoch Active interest to exact and even applied sciences is the basic sign of scientific process of that time. Actually here we step on absolutely undiscovered territory with a lot of implanted, but already absolutely out-of-date stereotypes with the rather modest creations in the field of exact Ukrainian science and culture of the Cossacks epoch. Processing of creative heritage of Ostrozhsky and Kyiv Mohyla Academy is necessary to get rid of them.

Science of XVIII century

Science of XVIII century Since the end of XVIII century, the tragical epoch in the history of Ukraine was observed, when that consistent policy of deprivation not only statehood, but also national and cultural achievements of the last centuries was finished.

Science of 19 century

Science of 19 century The science development in Ukraine was difficult and inconsistent. Neither Russia, nor Austro-Hungary weren't interested in carrying out of scientific researches in Ukraine, and perceived progressive ideas with suspicion. However Ukrainian scientists brought the great contribution to the science development.

Science of 20 century

Science of 20 century XX-th century is rich in openings. The theory of probability, the invention of digital technologies, etc. One of the basic science achievements of XXth century lies in understanding that the physical world is arranged under laws, which are difficult to understand and to explain on the habitual language of concepts.

The science in the period of Independence

The science in the period of Independence The science was always an important factor and the precondition of education and culture development, improvement of labour quality.

The inventions in the period of independence of Ukraine

The inventions in the period of independence of Ukraine Nowadays from everywhere heard talks that the Ukrainian science is nothing; that there are no minds in Ukraine, which are capable to invent something valuable or just useful. People say that all the best minds for a long time working abroad, and it is difficult nowadays to call once "the best education in the world" with even just the word “education”. However, despite all the decadent attitudes and skepticism, Ukrainians continue to come up with a variety of instruments, devices and products capable of, if not turn the world upside down, then, at least, greatly change it.

Ukrainian doctors which changed the world

Ukrainian doctors which changed the world It is completely strange to assume that the Ukrainians are resourceful people. Most of the Ukraine seems to be the state of folk art, folk craft, or even the victim of various political forces. For some reason there is no practice to focus on the fact that due to the Ukrainians today are born revolutionary invention, and dozens of their ideas were published more than a century ago.

Ukrainian, who sent a man to the moon

Ukrainian, who sent a man to the moon Before the July 21, 1969, when a significant event for all mankind (landing a man on the moon) has occured, it was done tremendous work of scientific and creative character. It was developed spaceship, it was designed training program for astronauts, it was properly trained professionals to control the flight and to be in charge of troubleshooting from the Earth. Among the people who have made a fairy tale come true was a native of Poltava Alexander Shargey.

Boris Grabowski - the inventor of electronic television

Boris Grabowski - the inventor of electronic television Son of the famous Ukrainian poet and polyglot Paul Grabowski Boris was born in 1901 in the city of Tobolsk (Tyumen region, Russia), when his family was there in exile. As biographers believe, unrealized dream to see again Ukraine passed from father to his son, who wanted to show it in the distance.

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