Soviet period

Since the second half of 1930th years, the musical art of the Soviet Ukraine mainly developed in the tideway of socialist realism, and the artists who left that method, were exposed to the rigid criticism and prosecutions. In particular, on the plenums of composers Union the works of B.Lyatoshinsky and L.Revutsky were exposed to the ruthless criticism, and, the last one after 1934 practically stopped his creative activity, being limited to teaching and editorial work. At the same time in Ukraine the mass Soviet song appeared, K.E.Boguslavsky became one of its first founders. In 1930th the first operas on the Soviet themes, in particular «Shchors» by B.Lyatoshinsky (1930), «Perekop» of Y.Meitus (1937) appeared. The songs, which were devoted to communist party and to its leaders were fixed in repertoires of professional and amateur collectives. The powerful contribution to the development of Ukrainian musical art was made by composer and teacher Mykola Vilinsky (the pupil of Vitold Malyshevsky) who at first worked in Odesa, and then in Kyiv conservatory. Composers V.A.Barvinsky, S.F.Lyudkevich, A.I.Kos-Anatolsky, specialist in folklore F. M.Kolessa worked in the Western Ukraine which was a part of Poland till 1939. In the post-war times among outstanding Ukrainian composers were: Grigory Verevka, brothers Georgy and Platon Mayboroda, Konstantin Dankevich, A.Y.Shtogarenko and others. Among outstanding performers were - Ukrainian tenor Ivan Kozlovsky, the native of Kharkiv area Claudia Shulzhenko became a well- known singer by means of the front songs performance.

Весомый вклад в развитие украинского музыкального искусства сделал композитор и педагог Николай Вилинский (ученик Витольда Малышевского), который работал сначала в Одесской, а затем в Киевский консерватории.

На Западной Украине, которая до 1939 года входила в состав Польши, работали композиторы В. А. Барвинский, С. Ф. Людкевич, А.И. Кос-Анатольский, фольклорист Ф. М. Колесса.

В послевоенные времена среди видных украинских композиторов были:  Григорий Веревка, братья Георгий и Платона Майбороды, Константин Данькевич, А.Я. Штогаренко и другие. Среди выдающихся исполнителей - украинский тенор Иван Козловский, широко известной благодаря выполнению фронтовых песен стала уроженка Харьковщины Клавдия Шульженко.

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