Old Russian musical art origin. Ukrainian musical culture of 14-16 century.

Old Russian musical art origin. Ukrainian musical culture of 14-16 century. Music was the important element of Old Russian spiritual culture. Ceremonial songs, dances, buffoons games, gusli singsongs were widespread. At Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich household the well-known singer Boyan lived.

The Ukrainian music of 17-18 centuries

The Ukrainian music of 17-18 centuries During the baroque epoch, unanimous significant singing gave place to many-voiced singing which promoted development of major-minor systemб on which basis the band concert developed. Among outstanding musical figures of that time - Mykola Diletsky, the author of «Musikiysky grammar» (1675) - the first musicological work explained an essence of linear, musical system, singing and compositions.

Ukrainian music of 19 –beginning of 20 century

Ukrainian music of  19 –beginning of 20 century

In music history XIX century was defined by the exit of many national schools on the world scene that was connected with the growth of national consciousness of European people who were under the power of empires. After the Polish and Russian school there also appeared Ukrainian national composer school.

Soviet period

Soviet period

Since the second half of 1930th years, the musical art of the Soviet Ukraine mainly developed in the tideway of socialist realism, and the artists who left that method, were exposed to the rigid criticism and prosecutions. In particular, on the plenums of composers Union the works of B.Lyatoshinsky and L.Revutsky were exposed to the ruthless criticism, and, the last one after 1934 practically stopped his creative activity, being limited to teaching and editorial work.

Борис Лятошинский – основатель украинского музыкального модернизма

Борис Лятошинский – основатель украинского музыкального модернизма Сложно переоценить вклад Бориса Лятошинского в историю мировой музыки, говоря о его творческом гении. Тем не менее, симфонии выдающегося композитора, эмоциональная составляющая которых не уступает работам Бетховена, а сложность и насыщенность – работам Вагнера, слабо известны у нас, хотя и произвели фурор за границей.

Дмитрий Гнатюк – любимый голос правителей СССР

Дмитрий Гнатюк – любимый голос правителей СССР Оперный певец Дмитрий Гнатюк родился в семье колхозников в селе Старолесье (ныне Мамаивцы) Черновицкой области, которое в те годы входило в состав Румынии. Одному из самых ярких представителей украинской творческой интеллигенции, исполнившему разные партии в практически всех российских и украинских операх, в 2013 году исполнилось 88 лет.

Ukrainian music of 1960th — 1980th

Ukrainian music of 1960th — 1980th 1960th years are marked by the breakthrough of Ukrainian composer school on the world scene, development of the newest styles of European musical culture. In Kyiv the group of artists «Kyiv advance-guard» was created in which such subsequently famous artists as Valentine Silvestrov, Leonid Grabovsky and Vitaly Godzyatsky entered.

Modern music

Modern music On the modern Ukrainian scene almost all musical directions are presented: from from folk to acid jazz. The club culture actively develops. Popularity of many Ukrainian pop executors - Sofia Rotaru, Irina Bilyk, Alexander Ponomaryov, VIA GRA, Ani Lorak, Verka Serdyuchka crossed the borders of Ukraine and affirmed as the CIS countries long time ago. Popular music is presented at festivals «Chervona Ruta», «Tavriysky games», "Chaika", etc. Ukrainian singers adequately represented Ukraine...


Kolomyjkas It is believed that the Ukrainian "kolomyjka" has common roots with the Russian ditties and is a type of so-called "Little song". Besides kolomyjkas also known "kozachkis", "sabadashkas", "chabarashkas" and other species that differ more rhythm than content.

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