The Kievan Russia period

Kept by the time architectural monuments of princely epoch are the ornaments of many cities of Ukraine. Stone constructions were lucky to go through centuries. However in those days the tree was the basic material in building: dwellings and defensive buildings were built of it. The stone was used for temples and prince palaces building. The earliest stone construction known as the princess Olga palace, was opened by archeologists on Starokievsky mountain. In annals that construction was mentioned in 945. Within 989-996 in Kyiv the Blessed Virgin stone temple known as Desyatinnaya church was under construction. Stone building was especially quickened during Yaroslav's the Wise reigning. In Kiev the biggest cathedral of the state Sofia Kyivskaya was constructed, the Golden gates, the temples of Georgievsky monastery (1019-1037). The building was developed not only in capital hailstones. In Chernigiv in 1036 prince Mstislav Vladimirovich founded the Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral. The Uspensky cathedral of Pechersky monastery constructed within 1073-1078 in Kyiv was the present pearl of Old Russian architecture. It became the original sample of temple constructions. Many temples appeared in Chernigiv. Borisoglebsky cathedral, the Uspensky cathedral of the Yelets monastery, Ilinsky and Pyatnitsky churches amazes with the perfection of proportions and skilful technics of execution. In the end of XIII - the beginning of XIV century there was a new type of defensive works - castles were completely constructed of stone or brick. They differed by strong walls with loopholes for bombardment. In several places over the walls the towers rose, the highest and strongest ones towered in the centre. The building of such castles-fortresses began in Lutsk, Kamenets, Kremenets, Odessa, Khotyn, etc.Among the monuments of that time fine arts monumental images of mosaic and fresco, which decorated the temples amazed most of all.
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