Proverbs and sayings

Proverbs and sayings - short well-aimed statements concern to the invaluable precious things of the Ukrainian folklore. Proverbs and sayings are the generalized memory of the people, conclusions, made from the life experience which give the right to formulate sights at ethics, morals, history and  policy. In general, proverbs and sayings make the body of rules, which the person should be guided in a daily life. They seldom establish a certain fact, more likely recommend or warn, approve or condemn, say, teach, because behind them there is an authority of our people, whose inexhaustible talent, high aesthetic scent and sharp mind continue to increase and enrich a spiritual heritage which were collected by centuries. Proverb - the small form of national poetic creativity which was transformed in a short, metrical statement bearing generalized opinion, conclusion, allegory with a didactic incline. In folklore proverbs and sayings are designated by the term paroemia. In medieval Europe collections of proverbs were made; about three tens of hand-written collections, which had been made in XIII beginning of XV century reached us. For example, the collection of so-called «proverbs of Villan» includes a number of sextains, each one was presented as a country proverb. All as a whole differs by rare rhythmic and thematic uniformity. The composer of that collection, was a certain clergyman from Phillip Elzasskogo's clan in XIII century, he became a processing or imitation subject not once. Texts of a similar kind meet up to XV century, sometimes with illustrations: then the proverb serves as the signature to drawing. Saying - is a genre of folklore prose, the short steady trope of ascertaining character having monomial structure which quite often makes a part of proverb, without conclusion. It is used in a figurative sense. 

For example: Nothing stings like the truth. Not one of our kinds.

The saying feature is that it is usually applied to the asserted as an aphoristic illustration. Unlike the proverb, it is a certain generalization. Often the saying is a proverb reduction. In the western areas of Ukraine the proverb and sayings are united in one concept - "embellishments".

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