The parable - instructive allegorical story, in the plot it is subordinated to moralizing part of the work. Unlike the polysemy of fable interpretation, in the parable the certain didactic idea is concentrated. The parable is widely applied in the Gospel, expressing in the allegorical form spiritual manuals, as, for example, «Solomon parables» which after Psalter received the wide spread in the days of Kievan Russia. «Story about Varlaam and Iosaf» got special popularity and became a subject of I.Franko scientific studio. That genre had the big influence on his creativity, reasonably, that original parables made a composite basis of his collection «My Emerald» (1898). Modern poets (D.Pavlichko, Lina Kostenko, etc.) also applied to the parable. The parable genre was reflected in Ukrainian painting, in particular, in the series of T.Shevchenko drawings. In the newest European literature the parable became one of the expression means of writer's morally-philosophical reflexions, quite often opposite to standard, and dominating conceptualizations in society. There the parable does not represent, but informs about certain idea, having put the parabola principle in the basis: the narration as though keeps away from the given time space and, moving on the curve, comes back, shining the phenomenon of art judgement in philosophic-aesthetic aspect (B.Brecht, Z.P.Sartr, A.Kamyu, etc.). An example for this - Kafka and his «Creations for chrestomathy». The parable in modern Ukrainian writers creativity, in particular in V.Shevchyuk's work («the House on the mountain», «In the field restrained» and others)is observed in that new quality.

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