The fairy tale - is the narration in which make-believe events or persons are mentioned. It is one of the basic genres of national creativity, epic, mainly prosaic work of adventurous or household character and oral origin with the fiction orientation. At the heart of the fairy tale - the fascinating story about fictional events and appearances, which are perceived and experienced as real ones. Fairy tales have been known since the most ancient times at all nations of the world. Related with other folklore-epic genres: legends, sagas, legends, legends, epic songs, - fairy tales are not connected directly with mythological representations, and historical persons and events. Traditional character of structure and composite elements (outset, outcome, etc.), contrast grouping of characters, absence of the developed  nature and life descriptions are characteristicfor them. The fairy tale plot has many episodes, with drama events succession, actionsconcentration on the hero and, of course, with the happy end.

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The coming holidays

Holodomor Remembrance Day

(In 2015, on November 28) Famine that gripped the years 1932-1933 in vast areas of the USSR, including the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, resulted in...

The Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple

Introduction (Introduction to the Church of Our Lady) is one of the twelve great religious holidays. With the feast of which is celebrated the church on De...

Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is celebrated annually on December 6. It is noteworthy that in the state there are official holidays of all branches...

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