Domestic songs

So-called “domestic songs” cover many areas of people's lives: the songs that accompany the sowing and harvest, wedding songs, which sang the young boys and girls just for fun in the big companies, lullabies, songs that sang while cooking or livestock rearing.

Ukrainian folklore informed not so much domestic songs to this day - many of them have changed, and the others got bright ethnic color (for example, Lemkis’ songs) and are difficult to understand. But some trends of domestic songs came down to us in pretty full. This applies to love songs, which are often worn joking nature. Preserved some lullabies (Ukr. - "kolyskovі"). Songs about bondhold and captivity have survived, mostly in the form of so-called "dumas" (lyric-epic). The same is justly for the so-called "chumaks’ " and "burlaks’ " (“barge haulers’ ”) songs.

Family domestic songs, probably, are the most popular in the Ukrainian art. Listener will find not only a sensual component and the people’s thoughts, but also be able to learn more about the relationship in Ukrainian family and the events connected to family life. Most often, a family song is separated into four groups: about premarital relationships (love), about family life, about family grief (often tied to the death of a family member), the latter group is a humorous.

Also, a little stand out group is so-called "zabavlyankas". Those are short songs composed to help a young child to learn to move, to engage in hygiene, learn the basics of self-sufficiency. Often "zabavlyankas" (Ukr. word “zabava” means “fun, sport, toy”) turned into a game. There often can be traced national colors: the life in the countryside.
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