Mausoleum of Pototsky counts - v. Nemiroff

The mausoleum is located in the big park of deserted sanatorium on the place of Podolsk voivode Sveikovsky manor closer to the village Pechera. The park was founded in 1682, the mausoleum-tomb of counts Pototskys-Sveikovskys (1904), was constructed in Neoromance style under V.Gorodetsky's project, which poses an impressive and graceful building in the form of the church.

Gorodetsky masterfully combined architectural styles of the past with the newest materials. Much was carried from abroad. The first class tile, multi-coloured glass blocks "Falkonier", heavy doors on the stylised loops, even nails head were figured. The familiar feature of Gorodetsky's Kiev works - both stone and concrete details, processed by the cutter of sculptor Elia Sal or his pupils. And still the attentive visitor will find out a small Gorodetsky's "autograph" in the decor - cement gargoyle.

The mausoleum in Pechera - is one of the best creations of Gorodetsky. During Soviet time there was a club, and now the mausoleum is used as a church.
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