Nikolaevskaya Church - Vinnytsia

Vinnitsa temple of Prelate Nikolay is located in the most picturesque area of the Old city on the raised granite plateau of the left bank of Yuzhny Bug river. 

According to the ancient legend the small chapel in honour of Prelate Nikolay appeared there already in the middle of ХIII century. The history kept for us the names of its organizers. The Brethrens of Svyato-Uspenskaya Kievo-Pechersk Laurels celibate priest Nikolay and monk Vladimir, being rescued from the Kiev grasped by tataro-Mongols, stopped on a lodging for the night at the river Bog (the ancient name of Yuzhny Bug). In the night vision Prelate Nikolay came to them and specified, where it was necessary to put the rood and a small church in his honour. Since then the temple became a symbol of inexhaustible belief of our people, every time reviving from ashes. Last time it was restored by settled Cossacks. In the beginning of 70th of ХVIII century the temple was grasped by Uniates. In 1772 ruling Baltsk vicarious bishop Iov imposed Prelate Nikolay, the priest Peter Sokalsky for Vinnitsa church. The same year the Cossacks took out from the temple the Uniate priest Mikhey Bogotsky. So the first temple in the city was released from Uniates.

Now the temple is contained and decorated with the diligence of the abbot archimandrite Aleksiy (Gluschuk). The temple is still a historical Orthodox stronghold of Podolsk land as evidenced by its majestic belltower, put contrary to architectural canons not on the temple axis, but as a bond tower of the church farmstead barriered on the corner by granite wall of the church farmstead.

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