Literary-memorial museum of M.Kotsuybinsky - Vinnytsia

Vinnitsa literary-memorial museum of M.Kotsuybinsky is the former manor of the great Ukrainian writer, the author of the well-known stories «Fata morgana» and «Shades of forgotten ancestors». The museum exposition shows fragments of creative and life way of our countryman. There are the lifetime editions of this outstanding Podolia citizen, their translations into the world languages, books with autographs of the Ukrainian writers, documents, photos, life and ethnography things. An interesting collection of painting and drawing - works of artists I.Ezhakevich, V.Kasiyan, G.Yakutovich, G.Burachek, G.Zhuka, O.Kulchitsky, V.Savin, I.Filonov, G.Loshak, I.Yashchenko, V.Polchenko are collected there. I.Gonchar's sculpture, who was the grandson of writer F.Kotsuybinsky, works of the national masters devoted to him are of great interest. In total there are about 9 thousands storage units in museum funds.
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