Svyato-Uspensky Pochaevsky Monastery - c.Pochaev

Uspensky Pochaevsky Monastery - is an orthodox monastery in Pochaev, (Ternopil region). The largest orthodox relic on Volhynia and the second monastery in Ukraine, after Kyivo-Pechersk Laura.

According to the legend, the monastery was based by the monks of Kyivo-Pechersk Laura who ran from Tatars invasion in 1240. The first annalistic mention is dated 1527. In 1597 Pochaevsky Laura got the wonder-working icon of Divine Mother brought to Ukraine in 1559 by Bulgarian metropolitan Neophyte. In 1675 Pochaevsky Laura was besieged by Turks, but they receded unexpectedly. This event in the people is ranked to the icon auspices. The monastery prosperity is necessary for the first half of XVII century in connection with the abbot Iov Zhelezo's activity (1551-1651). Pochaevsky printing house which published 187 books, had operated since 1730. The monastery is rich with wall paintings, sculptures and ornaments.

Since 1997 Laura had the status of stauropegion, in other words directly and canonically subordinated to jurisdictions of His Beatitude Kyiv metropolitan and the whole Ukraine of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the Moscow Patriarchy). Earlier ruling Volynsk bishops (Lviv, and after 1988 Ternopil and Kremenetsky) were the monastery priors. 

The values of Pochaevsky Laura:

Pochaevsky icon of Divine Mother;
Hallows of Saint Iov Pochaevsky in the cave temple in his honour;
Hallows of glorified in 2002 Saint Amfilohiy Pochaevsky in the same place.

Uspensky cathedral (1771-1782, architect G.Hoffmann)
Troitsk cathedral (1906-1912, architect A.Shchusev)
Cells (1771-1780)
The Arhiereisky house (1825)
Belfry (1861-1869) in height 65 m
Over-the-gates case (1835)
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