Sidorov’s castle - Sidorov

Sidorov’s castle stands on a hill on the border with the Khmelnytsky region, washed by the river on three sides. The castle was built in the 1640s by the first governor of Chernihiv Martyn Kalinowski. The castle has a highly elongated shape, which gives it the shape of a ship. Initially, it had seven towers, but only four survived. The length of the castle from the north to south is 178 m, its width is only 30 m.

In 1672, castle withstood the most serious siege, when the territory of Ternopil region stormed the Turkish troops. It was restored in the XVIII century, but then it lost its strategic importance and fell into disrepair.

Today, the south-west side of the castle is destroyed completely. The best preserved northern part of the walls on both sides of the castle, watch tower and three small basteyas (basteya is lower and wider construction then a watchtower; it go several tiers and a flat roof for the artillery).
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