Danil’s Castle – Stozhok

Danil’s City is the name of remains of fortifications and a stone church of XIII century that stands on the summit of Mount Stozhok (or Trinity Mountain). Like wooden and then the stone walls surrounding the city, the church served a defensive functions.

According to legend, the fort was built in 1201 by Prince Roman Mstislavovich, and the name given by the name of his son. But there are evidences that the city is even older - it was founded in the X century. Danil’s Castle is one of three Volyn’s fortifications that have not succumbed to Batu Khan, who tried to storm it in 1240. However, in 1261 it was leveled to the ground in accordance with the agreement between Prince Romanovich Temnik and temnik (the commander with more than 10,000 soldiers) Burundai who served the Tatar khan. Church, which was reconstructed in 1551, is all that remains of the castle. On the eastern side of the mountain Stozhok partially preserved contemporary of Danil’s City - the cave cell-monastery.
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