Krestovozdvizhensky church-belltower - t.Putivl

To the south of the cathedral over-the-gates Krestovozdvizhensky church-belltower is located. The asymmetric in composition construction was built in 1697-1707 as the over-the-gates monastery of Holy Spirit Church. Like all over-the-gates churches, it is two-story. Over the western antechurch as a superstructure of the third circle towers the powerful belltower, topped with a flat tent and a small Glaucus is overlooked. The two-storeyed extension from the west which visually counterbalances compositions asymmetry, was erected in 1764. Simplicity, greatness and power of forms are characteristic for this monument of architecture. The rude architecture of over-the-gate church-belltowers is in obvious contrast with cathedral's refinement. But thus the church is not static as a cathedral and possesses strong dynamics: architectural weights accrue gradually from the low apse through the central volume with a high roof and decorative Glaucus to the belltowers. And the belltower had once defensive value that is tesfied by the loopholes. 
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