Monument to Duke de Reshelye (Duke de Reshelye) - Odessa

Monument to Duke de Rishile or just Duke is the main symbol of Odessa. Bronze statue of a full-length (a little larger than the original) is dedicated to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis. He was mayor of the city since 1803, and from 1805 to 1814 he was the Governor General of Odessa. "Duke" was the first monument of the city and was built in 1828.

Odessa citizens believe the Duke de Richelieu one of the founders of Odessa, though he came to the city 8 years after the beginning of its construction. However, the high honor to stay in the eternal memory of his citizens and their descendants Duke earned thanks to the outstanding management ability: thanks to du Plessis Odessa has become a major trading port.

As planned by the sculptor, Duke portrayed in a toga with a scroll and three high reliefs - symbols of trade, agriculture and justice. In addition, you can see a stylized cannonball sticking in the pedestal. The fact that the monument was damaged during the Crimean War by the Anglo-French fleet while the bombardment of the city. Damaged area was patched up by the cast iron patch and the cannonball.
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