Monument to Leonid Utyosov - Odessa

The monument to the world-famous Odessa musician and actor Leonid Utyosov installed on the main street of the city Deribasovskaya street next to the City Garden. Opening of the monument by Alexander Tokarev was held in the City Day on September 2, 2000. Funds for the memorial was gathered by odessits.

Monument portrays the singer himself sitting on the bench "resting after the concert". In architectural composition included the phone, made in the old style, from which visitors can listen to the song by Utyosov.

Not surprisingly, the odessits remember and love their actor. He was an odessit "to the bone", was a patriot of the city. When he went on tour, he always told his listeners about the Southern Capital. The singer is considered the ancestor of Soviet jazz.
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