Shipbuilding and fleet museum - Nikolaev

Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet - the only such museum in the Ukraine, which exists as a department of Nikolaev Regional Museum.

From 1794, Nicholas became the base of the Black Sea Fleet. Residence of the chief commander of the fleet is housed in a building constructed in the style of Russian classicism by the architect P. Neyolova.

The museum was opened July 30, 1978, the Day of the Navy.

More than 3000 exhibits located in the 14 rooms of the museum. Models of ships, from the first ships to contemporary pieces of the first known boat raised from the waters of the Black Sea and the river south of Ukraine, rare maps, photographs, newspapers, and numerous documents about the development of shipbuilding and fleet at the mouth of the Southern Bug and Ingul.

The museum has preserved a unique collection of old weapons - XVIII-XIX centuries: pistols, halberds, mortars and more. Are still available on a variety of artifacts from the residents of the city, among them quite a few unique ones. In the halls of the museum exhibits are often imported exhibitions.
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