The state memorial estate «Olesky castle» - Olesko City

The state memorial estate «Olesky castle» (XII-XVIII centuries) - is the oldest of surviving castles in Lviv region and the unique remained castles of Kiev Russia times. It is located on the 50-metre hill in the southeast part of Buzhsky lowland and was constructed by one of the sonsof Galitsko-Volynsk Prince Yury Lvovich.

The father of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Mikhailo Khmel served there.

In 1629 one of the greatest Polish kings-warrior Yan III Sobesky, who subsequently protected the Europe from Turk, was born in the Olesky castle; the room in which he had been christened, remained. During Yan III Sobesky times the castle received the status of royal residence. 10 years later, another future king of Poland - Michael Koribut Vishnevetsky was born in the castle.

The castle was pursued by acts of nature - it was destroyed by earthquake and burnt during the thunder-storm, but it was restored and now the branch of Lviv gallery of arts and one of the most interesting museums of Ukraine is located in it.
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