Dominican Monastery and the Cathedral - Lviv

Dominican cathedral and monastery - is a cult construction in Lviv (Ukraine), one of the most considerable monuments of baroque architecture in the city. It is located on square Muzeinaya, 1. In 1990th years the cathedral was transferred to UGKC and the Temple carries the name of the Most Holy Evharistia. Since 1972 in monastery and belltower buildings there was a Museum of history of religion and atheism (the modern name - Museum of history of religion) and creative association «Dzyga».

The church is performed in a stone, in the plan it poses the extended rood with the oval central part, two radially located chapels, rectangular an altar and antechurch. A huge elliptic dome which is supported by eight pairs of powerful dual columns, crowns the church. Strongly developed eaves and the decorated pediment of the portal make its facade dynamical and expressional. This effect is strengthened by sculptures on pediment, executed in different foreshortenings.

In the church architecture the influence of St. Peter's Cathedral and the church of Maria di Monte Santo in Rome, the cathedral of Sacred Dominic in Bologna, Sacred Charles Boromeus and Sacred Peter churches in Vienna was showed.

In the church interior the magnificent baroque altar is decorated by four big statues executed by artists of M.Palejovsky's spectrum. Galleries and loggias are decorated with wooden statues of Lviv sculptors work of the second half of XVIII century. In the interior K.Fessinger's initial sculptural design was saved. There are some valuable monuments of art: Y.Dunin-Borkovskaya marble gravestone of the well-known Danish sculptor B.Torvaldsen (1816), the monument of Galitsy governor F. Gauer of A.Shimzer's work (beginning of XIX century), the monument to Polish artist A.Grotger of V.Gademsky's work (1880).

The church was adjoined by the building of monastic cells, anew reconstructed in 1556-1621 and restored after fires in 1766 and 1778.
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