City park of Ivan Franko - Lviv

The Park is located in the Galicia district of Lviv, in the center of the city. It is a national Ukraine treasure, environmental and recreational facilities. In the ground floor of the Park there is a memorial complex of Ivan Franko. The total area of green space is 10.6 hectares.

This is the first public park of the city, founded in the XVI century on the site of the city's fields. In 1614, the park was "temporarily" handed monks Jesuits. They built there brick factory to provide for themselves the material for the church and convent. They organized in the park inn and brewery. "Temporary owners” hosted here 160 years, until their order has been eliminated. On the maps of that time the park was called "Jesuit garden" or "Jesuit kaleyard".

In 1655, in the park stayed artillery of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, which besieged Lviv; and in 1773, the park went to the Austrian property. In 1835, in the middle of the park was built beautiful refined rotunda, which has survived to the present day to spite all the wars that have raged around her.

Although park changed owners several times, but nobody wanted to keep it in good condition until 1855 when it moved to the municipality property. Then the park began to change in the face for the better. There were a lot of trees and alleys. At this time the park had the name of the national hero of Poland Tadeusz Kosciuszko, and in the Soviet period, the park was renamed to Ivan Franko.

In the park are monuments of Ukrainian and Polish cultural figures and politicians, established at the end of XIX century, and a monument to Ivan Franko appeared only in 1964. The basis of the park - the oaks, maples, black poplars and linden trees planted in 1855-1890. Later there appeared rare plants: rocky oak, Bondoukou, berry yew, maple-leaf sycamore and others.
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