Svyatovladimirsky Cathedral - Luhansk

Svyatovladimirsky Cathedral located in Lugansk in Zhovtneviy district. The Orthodox priests founded it in 1993; the first stone laid the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. Construction of religious buildings started in the place of a city park. The city officials said that park is neglected, and instead of "reviving" the place of rest, it was decided to re-profile it. Construction of the cathedral was completed in 10 years - in 2003, March 19. The total amount of construction and the work amounted to about 20 million hryvnia.

The main feature of the temple is its size: it is the largest religious building in the south-east of the country. Its height is 65 meters. Its capacity is about 3,500 parishioners. Topped with 15 domes of the cathedral, and each of them is a steeple. The temple stands above all other buildings not only because of its size, but also of its location, as it was built on a hill.
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