Mariinsky Palace - Kyiv

Mariinsky palace - is the ceremonial residence of Ukrainian President. It is located near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The palace was constructed in 1744 by the request of empress Elizabeth under the project of architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Mariinsky palace - is the vivid example of Baroque style: expressive volumes, rich facades plastic. Under the guidance of Rastrelli's pupil - Russian architect Ivan Michurin the palace building was definitively finished in 1752. Together with I.Michurin N.Vasilev, M.Salnikov, P.Neyelov, Y.Trubnikov, T.Nevsky and other architects worked on the palace building.

Opposite to the Mariinsky Palace the park was layed out (since 1874). From the opposite side the palace also frames the park (the Imperial garden) which was founded in 1743 on the basis of the Regular garden (perpendicular avenues).

In XVIII and XIX centuries Mariinsky palace was the residence of the governor general of Kyiv province. Till 1917 the palace was used as the Kyiv residence of the imperial family.

During the history Mariinsky palace was repeatedly reconstructed. More considerable reconstruction was held in 1868-1870 after the terrible fire which had destroyed the second floor and all smart premises of the palace. During the palace restoration the stone floor was built-in and the facade was decorated by the new details, interiors in classicism style with baroque and Renaissance elements were updated. During the Great Patriotic War the bomb got to Mariinsky Palace.

In 1945-1949 the palace was built up under the guidance of Ukrainian architect Pavel Alyoshin.

In 1975 it was decided to restore the palace in the forms, approached to Rastrelli architecture as much as possible.
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