Independence Square (Maidan) - Kyiv

Independence Square, or Maidan is the central square of Kiev, which occurred and are occurring the most important events for the city and the country. Before the X century, the territory in the present area of Independence was called Perevesischem - there was a swamp. Back in the early XIX century, there was a vacant lot, although the area was formed in the 1830s and was called Khreshchatytska. When there was built the city council (“City’s duma”) in 1876, the area was renamed in the Duma’s Square. The revolution of 1917 changed all that believed not "Soviet", and in 1919, the area became known as the Soviet, and in 1935 - the area of Kalinin. It became the main square of the city after the project of 1944. Modern buildings appeared in the 50-70 years of the last century.

Square was renamed again in 1977 and became Area of the October Revolution; in the center was the monument to Lenin and several fountains. Its current name the area was in 1991 - the year of the proclamation of Ukrainian independence. Overhaul the area was in 2001, the same year there appeared new sculptures, monuments and fountains. Then in the middle of the square of Independence appeared a white column with Bereginja (a pagan Slavic spirit) holding a branch of viburnum - a symbol of independence. There is the southern gate of the restored ancient Kiev too - Lyadski gate (mentioned in chronicles of 1151) with a statue of the Archangel Michael, who is considered the patron saint of the city.

In 2004, Independence Square was the center of the Orange Revolution.
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